Saleh meets sheikhs and dignitaries from Amran

SANA’A,Feb.09(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Wednesday with sheikhs and dignitaries from Uthar district of Amran province.President Saleh praised the national, heroic, honorable and courageous positions of the Uthar’s people in facing enemies of the revolution and the republic and in protection of the security and stability.He pointed to the need for concerted efforts of all to work on each of which serves the country and its security, stability and progress.At the meeting, Saleh discussed with the attendants a number of issues that concern to citizens in the district, most notably the service and developmental projects as well as the development at the national arena.The attendants expressed their support to President Saleh’s call for the dialogue and reconciliation so as to spare the country the evils of strife and chaos, confirming their blessing for all efforts made by President Saleh for the sake of the homeland’s boom and achieve its high interests.They stressed that the people of Uthar district refuse guardianship of anybody or entity whatsoever, and they loyally lover their homeland.They demanded to hold a general reconciliation in the district to end issues of revenge, so as to allow the efforts of development and construction to achieve the desired results and serve the citizens in the district.BASaba