Saleh meets teaching staff, students of Sana'a University

SANA'A,March 01(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Tuesday with faculty members, students and staff of Sana'a University. In the meeting, President Saleh delivered a speech before the attendants. "I find it an opportunity to review with you the developments on the Yemeni arena, which concerns to every citizen", Saleh said pointing that many people are living in anxiety and fear for security, stability and unity of the country. The educated generation, but not mob generation would graduate from the universities, Saleh pointed out. He welcomed youth's views and ambitions to build the homeland as youth are the hope and future of the nation. President Saleh noted to what he has announced on reforms that meet demands of the opposition parties, who raised the ceiling of demands after that . "I have come to power through election and not on the back of a tank , and I did not usurped power in 1978, 1990, or 2006", he said. He pointed out that the slogans raised by some political forces to demand the departure of the system is an imitation for what happened in some Arab countries, expressing his regret at the lingering of the opposition parties and non-response to the dialogue. He reiterated his call on the political forces for the dialogue to cut the road before the owners of foreign agendas and sabotage elements. President Saleh reassured the university students and the people on the situations in the country ,affirming that he would do his best to maintain security , stability and unity of the homeland no matter the cost. He pointed that what witnessed by the Arab world now serves the world Zionist. "The university professors and student should conduct dialogues with the protests, and we are ready to meet all demands according to the State potentials", President Saleh said. He added that Yemeni people is different from the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples, noting that there is an operations room in Tel Aviv exploiting media to destabilize the Arab world. Moreover, Saleh pointed to the sit-ins witnessed by the country especially after 2006, saying " We are against vandalism and violence". He urged youth to maintain the public and private facilities and the security of citizens in general. The unity came to conquer many malevolent forces, which appeared again under the international and democratic variables and media, he added."We are in a republican and democratic system, where there is no heredity and extension", Saleh said adding that he had had not any intention to run in the 2006 presidential elections, but it was imposed on him. After that, a debate was opened, where a number of university faculty member and students talked over the underway developments at the national arena and political repercussions association with those developments. They praised the dialogue and reforms initiatives presented by President Saleh, pointing to the need to response to those initiatives so as to serve the higher national interest. The majority of the people are for the security, stability and development and against the vandalism and chaos, they pointed out. In addition, they commended the President's directives to form a committee to talk with youth and listen to their issues and views. They pointed that the protesters in front of the Sana'a University do not express in any way about the students of the University, confirming that the academicians and students would stand by people to maintain the homeland's security, stability ,unity and achievements. BA Saba