Saleh meets with sheikhs, local officials of Abyan

Saleh meets with sheikhs, local officials of Abyan
Saleh meets with sheikhs

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Saturday with a number of sheiks, dignitaries, members of local councils and civil society organizations in Abyan province.

President Saleh welcomed the attendants from Abyan province, praising their national positions and sacrifices in defending the revolution and the unity.

He said that the unity has opened a new era in the country and ended the suffering of the citizens in the southern and eastern provinces, pointing that the unity came to promote security, stability, freedom and democracy for all sons of the country.

President Saleh confirmed his attention to the demands and needs put forth by the attendants, instructing the concerned authorities to include them in their plans and budgets so as to achieve the public interest.

At the meeting, Saleh discussed with the attendants a number of issues that concern to citizens in the province and the developments at the national arena, including issues related to acts of chaos, vandalism and terrorism committed by some saboteurs and terrorists in Aden and Abyan provinces.

A number of the attendants talked during the meeting, announcing their support to the President Saleh's initiative for dialogue and reforms. They noted the importance of responding to this initiative by the political forces so as to achieve the national interest

Also they expressed their support to the political leadership in its efforts to maintain security, stability and public order in the society, confirming that they are for the unity and against all acts of sabotage and terrorism..