Saleh on central commands visits

DHAMAR, Dec. 15 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid visits on Tuesday to military commands in the central province of Dhamar. He inspected the conditions of troops and training programs under this year’s training plan. During the visits, Saleh delivered speeches praising the morale of soldiers and stressing the importance of improving their abilities through more training. He urged more specific training to help the Yemeni soldiers be able to face all situations and to be fortified against rumors by the enemies of the republic and unity. You are the guards of this country and national achievements, he addressed troops, saying your responsibility is to protect political, developmental, democratic, social and security achievements. He also touched upon strides made in building up and modernizing the military institutions, hailing progress as he said that all security forces must be the people’s strong hand against separatists and imamates. You race for devotion and die for the prosperity and glory of the nation, hence, your country always takes pride with you.FRSaba