Saleh on inspection visits to Dhamar, Ibb and Dhale

SANA'A, Sep. 17 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Friday visits to Dhamar, Ibb and Dhale Provinces where he inspected the situations of the people and launched and checked progress on developmental projects. His first leg was to Dhamar and he was received by Governor Yahya al Amri, other senior officials, sheikhs and social figures. He exchanged congratulations upon Eid al Fiter with them and inspected the people situations and performance of the authorities. His second leg was to Ibb where he paid visits to Yarim, al Saddah and al Nadrah districts. He was received by officials, military leaders and social figures and sheikhs, inspected the people situations and familiarized with progress on projects and inaugurated new projects. On his visits to the districts, Saleh urged to speed the implementation of tourist projects to attract local and foreign visitors to these attractions, and called for investors to do businesses in the areas. On his final stop, President Saleh launched projects in Damt district, Dhale, that included health, educational, road and tourist projects. He also met with local officials, executive offices, clerics, social figures and military and security leaders in Dhale and Ibb. He exchanged with them congratulations on Eid al Fitr and said that boosting development and security require calm, stability and devotion and exerting major efforts. He highlighted sabotage acts saying those closing roads, killing innocents and attacking public and private properties in Dhale and Lahj are harming the achievements and sacrifices of martyrs who launched the revolutions in northern and southern Yemen. Saboteurs are ostracized and can't achieve their dirty goals through crimes based on the hatred and violence culture, he said, assuring Yemen can defend its unity and achievements and can preserve the public security by patriots and those loyal to their home. Furthermore, he underlined all developmental projects and achievements made under the unity and revolutions as he pointed to his visits to the regions that came within his interest in inspecting the developmental process and situations of the people. FRSaba