Saleh renews his call for the Arab Union establishment

HODIEDA May 22 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed here on Monday his call for establishing the Arab Union.

In the press conference, President Saled addressed the press men of the Egyptian media that the Arabs’ strong is in their unification and that this unification will be achieved by activating the mechanisms of the joint Arab work through the Arab organizations, the Arab League and the Arab parliament come on the top of them .

Saleh added that enhancing the role of the two Arab organizations will help in strengthening the enhancing solidarity, integration and partnership among all Arab states and serve the Arab people aspirations for achieving the Arab unity.

He also call for gathering efforts to achieve the required Arab prosperity and progress and to confront the current challenges of the age which considerthe age of the international gatherings.

” We started through the interim parliament as significant step coincided with the reform mechanisms of the Arab League work to develop its role to serve the Arab solidarity and joint work” Saled said.

He made it clear to establishing the Arab union don’t means that it will be the alternative for the Arab League which is the home of all Arabs but it would be a complimentary for its role to enhance the Arab joint work and unify their capabilities just like the African and the European Unions.

Saleh shad lights on the latest developments in the Arab region, renewing his invitation for the international community to respect the Palestinian people’s will in its democracy choices through elections.