Saleh: situation in Yemen is stable

SURT, March 27 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh has confirmed that the situation in Yemen is stable and unlike what promoted by some media."I want to assure our brothers in the summit that the situation in Yemen is not as promoted by the media. We have tackled the war in Saada, as it is being addressed the residual effects of the war of 1994 summer and the remnants of the colonialism", said President Saleh before the Arab summit held on Saturday in the Libyan city of Surt.He added that the so-called 'south movement' in some southern provinces is a media amplification, and the elements that give rise to this are renegade elements on the national unity that was achieved and polled in 1990.The unity has passed the local, parliamentary and presidential elections, which is in itself a referendum on the unity, he noted.On another hand, President Saleh also called on to establish an Arab union to face the current challenges in the region, including Israeli intransigence.BASaba