Saleh: There is terrorism practiced by some political forces

SANA’A, March 31 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Thursday that there is terrorism practiced by some political forces on sheikhs, social figures and youth.This came during his meeting with sheikhs, dignitaries, members of local councils and leaders of parties, youth and civil society organizations from Mahweet province, who pointed out that the people of Mahweet stand by the political leadership and the constitutional legitimacy to defend the homeland and its security, stability and unity.President Saleh praised the honorable positions of the people of Mahweet in defending the revolution ,republic and unity ,thanking their support for the constitutional legitimacy.”We will not forget for the people of Mahweet this courageous attitude”, the president said.As for the sit-ins’ youth he added ” We will spare no efforts to meet their needs and legal demands”. He reiterated his call for youth to form their own party to express themselves and not be tools of the joint meeting parties (JMP).Concluding his speech, Saleh asked God to have mercy upon the martyrs who died in the October 7 factory in Abyan province as a result of looting and blowing up the factory by elements of al-Qaeda and the JMP, which led to the fall of a large number of victims.BA