Saleh to visit Libya, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia

SANA’A, July 06(Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh will start a foreign tour, with a high-quality delegation, in the coming week includes Libya,Eritrea and Saudi Arabia, according to informed sources. The sources said that Saleh would met with the Libyan President Muammar al-Qadhafi and senior officials in Tripoli where they would discuss the situations in the in the Arab area and means to coordinate the attitudes about many issues such as the Israeli offensives on the Palestinian unarmed people, the situation in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and how to cease violence there, in addition to discussing relations between the two brotherly counties and the means of enhancing the political, economic, trade, cultural cooperation. The sources mentioned that Saleh also would visit Asmara to hold talks with the president Isaias Afworki about issues that related to settlethe marine movements in the Red sea and the situation in the African Horn in addition to discuss the relations between Yemen and Eritrea and howto improve them. Yemen and Eritrea have formed a ministerial committee led by the foreig nminister in the two countries to activate the bilateral cooperation and to push the trade activities forward. The sources pointed out that President Saleh would end the tour by visiting Saudi Arabia. In the visit he would meet the Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and other senior officials to talk about the last developments in regional, Arab and international areas in addition to discuss the strong relations and the aspects of joint cooperation between the two brotherly countries. AF/NS SABA