Saleh visits al-Jawf, Marib

Al-JAWF, MARIB, Sept. 02(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Saturday visits to districts of Sana’a, Jawf and Marib Governorates. What I am concerned of is to talk to you about some requirements including the electricity grid starting from Marib to cover many parts of the asphalt road, Saleh said to the audience who came out to welcome him in Nihm district. ‘The other concern is revenge issue. I call for a two-year renewal of the reconciliation agreement I made in Marib two years ago,” he said. He said that during the reconciliation term, people felt peace and had the opportunity to plant their land. As for elections, Saleh said that elections are the concern of people themselves and they have to be responsible for the success of the process. In Jawf, Saleh visited the districts of Al-Khalq and Al-Faqmqn where he promised to deal with the damages caused by pricing increase. KN/NS SABA