Saleh: Yemen able to overcome all challenges

Saleh: Yemen able to overcome all challenges
Saleh: Yemen able to overcome all challenges

SANA'A: President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said that Yemen is able to overcome all challenges.

In an interview with London-based al-Hayat Newspaper, Saleh said that the separatist culture is limited, isolated and discarded and can't succeed.

In general, the separatist state no longer exists and the south state project is unsuccessful.

The people in the south are pro-unity and their culture is pro-unity as well, Saleh said, as he pointed to massive development in the south and north that has been established after the unity.

'The government has made and will continue to do more to create jobs for the people and secure better life for them.'

The president voiced his confidence in Yemen's ability to overcome its problems, saying we faced al-Qaeda, the Houthi group, separatists and a fourth huge challenge which is developmental and economic boost.

After we beat terrorists, the rebels and separatists, our concern remains about boosting the national economy, he said.

He touched upon terrorism in Yemen, saying that what has been written and said about al-Qaeda in the country is exaggerated. The organization is now defeated amid Yemeni-foreign coordination and cooperation against its operatives.'

Moreover, President Saleh affirmed that Yemen-Saudi Arabia ties are in their golden time, after the two countries signed the Jeddah treaty.

The president also highlighted the situation in Palestine, expressing hope that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, settlement expansion and blockades end soon.

Israel is taking advantage of the Palestinian rift, he said, urging the Palestinian factions to reconcile and stand together for dangers surrounding them..