Somali president: Yemen’s support unforgettable

MOGADISHU, Feb. 06(Saba)- Somali president Abdullah Yusif praised the role Yemen played and is paying to achieve reconciliation in Somalia before and after calmness came back to Mogadishu. “Somalia will not forget the Yemeni support in all the dialogue stages between different Somali sides,” Somalia president Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed said in an interview with Saba. Somali president said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh was the only Arab president who is deeply concerned about the situation in Somalia. President Saleh supports stability in every international event and so he is so keen about stability and security in Somalia. The Somali president appreciated Yemeni hospitality and support for the government to restore control on Somali lands and solve the crisis through dialogue. He urged the Arab and international community to offer financial aids to pass this sensitive stage. AF/NS