Sudanese President receives Yemeni delegation

KHARTOUM, March 10 (Saba)- President of Sudan Omar Al-Bashir received on Tuesday delegation of the Yemeni People’s Body for Supporting Palestine and Arab Nation’s Issues. During the meeting, Al-Bashir praised stances of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Yemeni government and people who showed solidarity with Sudan and condemned decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Al-Bashir noted that the ICC’s decision mainly targets Sudan, making it clear that Sudan is not a member of the ICC and Israel is not a member as well and there are war criminals in Israel since 1948 who continue to kill Palestinians but the ICC did nothing to suit anyone of them. He affirmed rejection of the Sudanese government and people of this decision, noting that Sudan will continue to be ever strong. Al-Bashir renewed thanks for efforts of Yemen and its supportive stances with Sudan. AM/AM Saba