Vice President attends Labor Day celebration

ANA’A, May 01 (Saba)- Vice President Abdu-Rabu Mansour Hadi attended Tuesday, along with a number of ministers, Labor Day celebrations held in the Cultural Center in Sana’a. In the ceremony, Hadi delivered a speech through which he conveyed President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s best wishes to all labors. “Labor Day celebrations have become national and conventional in which productive and creative labors in different sectors are honoured,” he said, thanking and appreciating all Yemeni truthful labors in this occasion. “The forthcoming period is developmental and constructional that requires exceptional efforts to fulfill the electoral program of President Saleh,” he added, indicating that they would give labors the care and the honor they deserve. He addressed labor sectors by saying: “We do not deny your leading role in gearing up the democratic process the homeland is witnessing and the evidence on this is what Yemeni Labor Syndicate has done in playing national positive roles in the history of labor movement.” Vice President says that this occasion represents truthful attitude of the whole international society toward this unique group for its efforts. Minister of Social and Labor Affairs, Amat al-Razak Humad pointed out that the celebration in this day is an annual convention honoring all male and female labors for their faithful efforts. She congratulated all labors, pointing out that Yemeni labors have abundant portion of care in the electoral program of President Saleh. In the end of the ceremony, a number of brilliant labor from across the country in all work fields were honored. MS/AMSABA