Vice President meets a number of Arab leaders in Damascus

DAMASCUS, March 30 (Saba) – Vice President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi has met Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al Thani in Damascus on the sideline of the 20th Arab summit being held in Syria. During the meeting, Hadi conveyed greetings and appreciations of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Sheikh Hamad for his good brotherly attitudes which he is taking serve mutual relations between the two countries and to support Yemen’s developmental efforts. For his part, Emir of Qatar confirmed the importance of continuing efforts to end the rebellions in some areas of Sa’ada governorate to stop this rebellion completely. Sheikh Hamad renewed his country’s interest to support developmental projects in Yemen and to allocate its pledges promised in the London Donors Conference to fund the 3td developmental plan projects for reducing gaps between Yemeni economy and GCC countries economies. On the other hand, Vice President also met Omani Deputy Premier Sheikh Fahd Bin Mahmoud al Saeed who heading Oman’s delegation to the summit. Brotherly relations between the two countries and means of coordinating their attitudes towards the issues included in the agenda of the Damascus Arab Summit were discussed during the meeting. Vice President highly appreciated the Omani support for Yemen and its national attitudes toward the Arab nation. For his part, Omani Deputy Premier expressed his country’s appreciation for President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s efforts to bring together the Palestinian factions within his initiative and his efforts to succeed the initiative which resulted to sign the Sana’a Declaration for renewing dialogue among them. The Oman official confirmed his country’s interest to boost its relations with Yemen and to develop and extend cooperation ties, especially in the fields of economy and trade for achieving aspired integrate in various fields between the two neighboring countries. After that, Vice President Hadi discussed with President of Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) issues included in the agenda of the summit, specifically issues related to the Palestinian issue and insured methods to apply the articles of the Yemeni initiative to bring together the Palestinian factions in the light of signing the Sana’a Declaration between Hamas and Fatah. Moreover, Vice President met in the Syrian capital Damascus with Mauritanian President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi. During the meeting, Vice President conveyed President Saleh’s invitation to Abdallahi to visit Yemen. NN/YA Saba