Yemen announces initiative to issue Arab charter for democracy

SANA’A, June 14 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced on Thursday that Yemen would adopt an initiative to issue Arab charter for democracy through the Arab League. In his meeting with participants in a meeting for setting up an Arab association for democracy which was held in Sana’a from 13 to 14 June, President Saleh said that democracy is important today and a choice that all have to make use of it. Democracy is an alternative for conspiracy, coups and secret activities which lead to violence and disorder, he said. He also reviewed Yemeni democratic experience, saying that at the beginning there were some people who could not accept criticism, but day by day these people used to hear criticism within democracy practice. President pointed out to the initiative of assigning areas in public places for expressing opinion freely like that in London in accordance with law and constitution. Wrong thoughts on democracy should be corrected for it is a tool for building and development, he said. The participants expressed happiness for meeting with President and listening to his open dialogue on democracy, affirming the importance of holding such dialogues between governments and organizations of civil societies in the Arab countries. They appreciated announcement of President Saleh for adopting Arab charter for democracy through Arab league, considering it as an important step toward strengthening democracy in Arab world. AH/AM Saba