Welcome to the website of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the founder of the Republic of Yemen and its president for 21 years (May 1990-February 2012), after serving as president of the republic in the northern part starting from July 17, 1978.
Amidst the storms of challenges and transformations, locally, regionally, and internationally, Ali Abdullah Saleh led Yemen with wisdom and sagacity. He was able, with the support of all men and honorable men of Yemen and the cooperation and support of all the sons of the Yemeni people, to make historical transformations in Yemen, the land of civilization, history, and humanity.

Throughout his struggle and political career, beginning with his participation in the immortal September 26, 1962 revolution, and what followed, through assuming the position of president of the republic in the north and then the united Yemen, and through the historical achievements and major challenges that followed, until the transfer of power in February 2012, and then as president of the General People’s Congress. During all this, Ali Abdullah Saleh remained the man of Yemen and his loyal son, who spared no effort in consolidating the foundations of the Yemeni state and defending the achievements of the Yemenis. This national capital was concluded by meeting his Lord as a martyr in the battle to defend the republic and the goals of the achievements of the immortal Yemeni revolution of September 1962, October 14, 1963, where he was martyred during his confrontation with the elements of the clerical imamate on December 4, 2017.