Cabinet calls on political sides to react to presidential decree

SANAA, Sep. 13 (Saba) - The cabinet called Tuesday on all political sides to respond to the presidential decree giving the Vice President a mandate to conduct a dialogue to end the political crisis in the country.Chaired by Information Minister Hasan al-Lawzi, the cabinet stressed its welcome and support to the decree, considering it the mandate as a significant step to solve the crisis and avoid the country from anarchy and sedition. President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued Monday the presidential decree No. (24) giving Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi a mandate to conduct a dialogue with the parties signatories to the Gulf initiative.Upon the decree, Hadi has the necessary constitutional powers to conduct a dialogue with the signatories of the initiative made by the Gulf Cooperation Council's states to reach an agreement on a lasting mechanism for the initiative's implementation and sign it subsequently on the president's behalf.The Vice President was also authorized to begin tracking the implementation under a regional and international auspice, leading to hold an early presidential election and ensure a legal and democratic transition of power.AF