I will step down if majority of people request, Saleh says

SANA’A, April 24 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said that he would step down if that was the demand of the majority of Yemeni people.”But I will not be subjected to a minority”, President Saleh said in an interview with BBC News Channel .He pointed out that he would deal with the GCC initiative within the framework of the Constitution ,considering it a temporary treatment.”We are exposed to external pressure, but we welcome any foreign ideas both of the neighboring countries or friendly countries, because we see what they can’t see”, the president said.Saleh pointed that from the first reply of the opposition to the initiative, they are refusing to participate in the government.”We have to reform the government from the collation and nonpartisan forces and the General People’s Congress (GPC)”, said Saleh. He noted that there is a consultation on the call for early elections in light of the GCC initiative.BA