Lebanese president praises Saleh’s positions supporting Lebanon

BEIRUT, May 29 (Saba)- Lebanese President Emile Lahoud praised on Tuesday President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s positions supporting Lebanon, its security and stability, recalling Yemen’s supportive positions to his country while facing Zionist enemy during the 2006 summer war. In an oral message, delivered by Shura Council member Abdul-Malik al-Mikhlafi to Lahoud, President Saleh expressed concerns over the ongoing developments in the Nahr al-Barid camp escalation, reconfirming keenness on Lebanon’s safety, stability and unity. He also confirmed the country right in facing outlaw and terror indications, confirming, at the same time, keenness on the safety of Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. It is worth mentioning that President Saleh’s initiative to contact with Lebanese and Palestinian leaderships over events in the camp was received with wide pleasure by the diplomatic and media mediums in Lebanon. MS/AM SABA