Mass rallies in support of constitutional legitimacy held in Yemen

SANA’A, Sept. 16 (Saba) - Millions of Yemenis gathered on Friday at public squares in the capital Sana’a and main cities across the country to hold mass pro-government rallies and express their firm support to the constitutional legitimacy and the political leadership of the country under President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The participants in the rallies held Yemeni flags and pictures of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and chanted slogans confirming their absolute support to the constitutional legitimacy, rejecting any attempts to overthrow it or any conspiratorial plans against the country’s security and stability. The Yemeni people renewed their determination to adhere to the constitutional legitimacy and reject all forms of chaos, sabotage and coup attempts against legitimacy and democratic approach chosen by the Yemeni people. They called on the Joint Meeting Parties to engage dialogue to end the current political crisis and respond to ongoing efforts to resolve the crisis, particularly calls made by President Saleh to hold national dialogue in order to achieve national reconciliation, demanding an end of violence and chaos. The partakers in the rallies reaffirmed their firm national stands towards preserving the national unity. They also affirmed that the majority of the Yemeni people were standing with the constitutional legitimacy, accenting their readiness to stand beside the armed forces and security personnel against any attempts to coup on the constitutional legitimacy. Saba