Massive rally in Amran supporting President's initiative

AMRAN, March 13 (Saba)- Amran province has witnessed a massive rally attended by hundreds of thousands people, who expressed their support to the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced in the General National Conference on last Thursday.The participants lifted President Saleh's photos and chanted slogans calling for peaceful dialogue and national cohesion, deploring the rejection of all national initiatives presented by the political leadership and scholars.In his speech at the mass festival, Amran Governor Kahlan Abu Shwareb called for coping firmly with the plans and intentions that aim to split the homeland. In addition, he called on everyone to respond to the presidential initiatives in order to lift the country out of the current crisis by sitting at the table of dialogue.In the festival, the participants took an oath collectively, in which they pledged they would remain faithful to the principles and objectives of the revolution ,the Republic and the unity.The participants issued a statement, in which they confirmed their support to the President Saleh's initiative announced in the joint meeting of Parliament and the Shura Council on February 02, 2011, and their rejection of calls for dissension launched by some advocators of tribalism and regionalism and partisan fanaticism. They stressed that they are with the democratic approach, as a means of power peaceful exchange through elections, and rejected any attempt to jump over people's choices.Moreover, the participants called upon all wise people in power and opposition ,scholars, sheikhs and youth to hold a serious and fruitful dialogue under the Constitution and the law in order to agree on forming a unity government proposed by President Saleh to oversee the parliamentary elections, constitutional and legal amendments.It is noteworthy that President Saleh's new initiative includes forming a committee from Parliament and Shura Councils and political powers to prepare a new constitution based on separation of powers to be brought to vote by the end of 2011.The initiative includes transferring government power to an elected parliamentary system by the end 2011, shifting the local authority to full-power local ruling, establish Yemeni regions on the grounds of economic and geographical criteria and prepare a new election law includes proportional representation in addition to forming a new government of national unity.The president called on the parliament to convene to prepare and approve the election law, ordering the government to meet with the demands of all the youth demonstrators.BA