Our past was much more worse, says president

SANA’A, Sep. 25 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday said thatit is important to tell generations about the past which was much moreworse.

In his speech in a symposium over the Yemeni Revolution in Taiz, president Saleh said in the past, there were not education, not health services.

He valued the role of revolutionists who fought to change the Imam rule into a republic, pointing to some events followed the revolution in the two former parts of Yemen, south and north.

He said that the achievement of the Yemeni unification was not easy, but it was so hard due to political disputes at that time, pointing to the war against separatists in 1994. He said that the amnesty was announced for all who involved in the war.

President Saleh evaluated the economic, political and cultural achievements since revolution, pointing out to efforts of the governments to meet needs of development through available capacities and the economic, administrative and financial reforms.

He emphasized importance of security and stability to realize sustainable development in the country.