Party of political crisis linked to President’s murder attempt, official says

SANA’A, July 21 (Saba) – Investigations into the Presidential Palace’s Mosque attack referred to the involvement of a party of the political crisis with the attack, Deputy Information Minister said Thursday.Abdo al-Janadi told a press conference that the party was also linked to many armed confrontations occurring in the country, adding that some people, initial investigations indicated to their connections with the attack, have been arrested.”Investigation is still underway and the findings will be declared right away” al-Janadi said.The attack on the Presidential Palace’s Mosque attack on June 3 resulted on wounding the President Ali Abdullah Saleh and many senior state officials, who are currently hospitalizing in Saudi Arabia.Speaking on the visit of UN Secretary-General’s Political Advisor Gamal bin Omar to Yemen, al-Janadi said that the government has welcomed his visit previously and still does. He is authorized from the Security Council to run a dialogue between the crisis related-parties to reach an agreement that maintains Yemen’s security and stability.”We are looking forward to an effective role to be played by the UN official to encourage all parties to take part in the dialogue”, he said.Regarding the clashes between the armed and security forces and al-Qaeda members in Abyan province, he said that Shoqra city has been reinstated. The military forces will take over Zinjubar and Je’ar cities soon.Some members of an opposition party have been found among the killed members of al-Qaeda, he said.Concerning the murder attempt of the head of the Yemeni Islah Party, al-Janadi said that a jury headed has been formed to probe into the attack as soon as possible, asserting that the findings would be stated immediately.AF