PM attends symposium on President Saleh and Making History

SANA’A, June 14 (Saba) – Prime Minister Abdul- Qader Ba-Jammal attended on Wednesday a symposium entitled “President Saleh and
Making History.”

Speaking at the symposium, was organized by 26 September Weekly, Ba-Jammal said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is a historical and
exceptional man with higher powers.

He pointed out to the role of the president Saleh in reunification of Yemen and his efforts in realizing national depended on honest
dialogue.He indicated to the modern changes in military since 1962.

For his part, the Editor in Chief of 26 September Ali al- Shater reviewed the objectives of the symposium.

He pointed out to the challenges that faced the Yemeni unification and how president
Saleh dealt with those challenges wisely.

In the symposium, 36 working papers would be presented over the political changes in Yemen during president Saleh leadership such as
the Yemeni unity and political dialogue.

The participants talked about president Saleh positions toward different issues and Arab and international latest developments.

The papers focused on president Saleh participations in the regional and international conferences over the Palestinian issue e and his positions towards resolutions over the Arab- Israeli Conflict.