President addresses nation on eve of Eid Al-Fitr

President addresses nation on eve of Eid Al-Fitr SANA’A, Nov. 12 (Saba)- On the eve of Eid Al-Fitr, President Ali Abdullah Saleh delivered on Friday a speech in which he congratulated Yemeni people and Arab and Islamic peoples on this holy occasion. President Saleh pointed out to the greatness of holy month of Ramadan in the estimation of Moslims, saying that Islam is religion of tolerance, mercy and justice. “Ramadan is a precious time which underlines a set of important topics that we should focus on them; such as the commitment to building a nation and react well with Islamic and humanitarian issues, ” he added. He said ” It is a good occasion to urge all (citizens) to pay Zakah as it is considered a religious duty people should pay it to government for the government has the right to collect it and spend it. The government is implementing developmental projects and supplying citizens with services and pensions for the poor.” He pointed out to features of Eid that spread principles of solidarity and mercy among relatives, friends and neighbors inside the society as rich people help poor people. He called on all individuals and political forces and NGOs to ignore all forms of grudge and promote values of tolerance and fraternal feelings. He made it clear that all should participate in building the nation. In his speech, president Saleh also pointed to role of Yemeni unification in development process in different fields especially in democracy and human rights. He also called all to be far from thing that stirs strife and disputes to build the nation, saying” we should work as one time to build strong Yemen and wonderful future.” “We will go ahead in democracy that depends on multiparty and freedom of expression and press as well as respects human rights and public participation in decision-marking ,” he said. He added that the national duty to understand freedom correctly within the framework of constitution and religion and national principles. He indicated to the challenges surrounding Arab and Islamic nation at political, economic, scientific, cultural, military and security levels due to absence of solidarity and unity. The only way to skip out current weakness is to depend on factors of strength that contribute activity in the current changes to face challenges and smear campaigns trying to link Islam with terror, he said. ” Islam rejects terror, extremism and discrimination,” he added. He expressed relief over the work of the Theological Dialogue Committee which amended the radical thoughts of some, pointing out to releases of young extremists after they complied with constitution and law by renouncing extremism and vowing probation and contribution to building the country. “We regret that while we are celebrating on Eid Al-Fitr and our brothers in Palestine, Iraq and other Islamic countries live miserable conditions and suffer from occupation, Saleh recalled. He renewed his call for the people to support their Palestinian brethren face violence of Israeli occupation forces and to regain their right to set up their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. He also expressed sorrow for causalities among innocent people in Fallujah and other cities of Iraq, calling for an aid to the Iraqi people to make an end for occupation and realize security and stability in all territories of Iraq. He also called Arab and Islamic world and international community to present support for Somali people and their new leadership to restore security, stability and peace in Somali as that would help in improving stability in the region. He concluded his speech by contributing security and military forces on the occasion of Eid, describing them as guards of unity, liberty and democracy as well as all development achievements. AH/AA SABA