President briefed on achievements in 20th Gulf projects

ADEN, Dec.11(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Saturday in the province of Aden with the local authority and officials of the executive offices and security services in the province. At the meeting, President Saleh listened to reports on the progress of work in the executive offices and service, development and investment projects and future plans of the local authority. He also was briefed on the accomplishments made in infrastructure, tourist and sports projects within the 20th Gulf projects, in addition to the assessment of performance during the tournament. At the meeting, President Saleh delivered a speech, praising the good performance and efforts of the local authority and officials of the executive offices and security services in the province which led to the great success of the 20th Gulf Cup tournament. “Our people and particularly in the city of Aden provided in the 20th Gulf Cup a nice message for those who were making doubt that it will not succeed in this work, but it succeeded”, Saleh said pointing that it was a great political cultural and social success. In his speech, Saleh pointed to the importance of arranging a seminar at the University of Aden and to invite all interested researchers and intellectuals to look in the history of the Yemeni revolution and the stages of the unity. He called on specialists and observers to participate in the seminar, including the opposition abroad, who have activity since the revolution, and talk about the revolution and the modern history of Yemen. President Saleh indicated that there is a tendency to amend the Law of local authority to have wider powers, considering claimants of federalism and confederation as small projects’ circulators. He noted that he would direct the Cabinet in its next Tuesday meeting in Aden and the local authority to discuss issues relating to housing and other concerns, as well as the remaining amounts of the 20th Gulf projects. There is a plan outlined from proposals of a number of those who have been commissioned to prepare a vision of the post-20th Gulf Cup phase, he added, noting that he would refer the plan to the government to discuss it in its meeting on Tuesday. Concluding his speech, Saleh congratulated the local authority and the executive offices and in particular the security committee for the great successes achieved in the 20th Gulf tournament. BA Saba