President briefed on tackling Aden’s land issues

SANA’A, Oct.05 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh got acquainted Tuesday with the report of the office of the General Authority for Lands and Survey and Urban Planning in Aden on tackling Aden’s land issues. The report contained what have been implemented from the decisions of the Committee to address issues of land and nationalization, which is headed by Vice President, and the lands that have been disbursed for 2,700 cases as compensations for the nationalization issues in the area located southern the Aden Refinery company. President Saleh directed to speed up giving the land to those people, whom were compensated. He also was familiar with the good progress that has been made by the Committee to address the lands and buildings issues resulting from the effects of past conflicts in southern and eastern provinces since the events of 1976, January1968 and the war of 1994. President Saleh also was briefed on the stages of delivering the documents of lands that have been disbursed to the housing associations and the State employees with limited income in the province of Aden, where the number of contracts amounted to 47 thousand contracts. In this regard, Saleh directed to attach the remaining cases, which amount to three thousand, in the new schemes. Furthermore, President Saleh was briefed on the urban plans and infrastructure of the housing schemes that have been completely achieved after allocating special credits for them in the budget. President Saleh noted to the efforts made to address the issues of land and nationalization according to the decisions taken by the Committee, emphasizing the allocation of land for investments, so as to enable investors to establish their investment projects without problems. He also stressed the importance of continuing to take down urban plans to avoid haphazard construction and to ensure the provision of infrastructure services on sound and planned bases. BA Saba