President calls for supporting security to encounter terrorism

MUKALLA, July 19 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh underlined on Monday in Mukalla city of Hadramout province the necessity to mobilize all efforts to support security apparatuses to encounter terrorism.During his meeting with leadership of local authority and officials of executive offices in Hadramout province, terrors seek to destabilize Yemen and hider development in the country."Security is essential for development" president said, "Maintaining the security of the country is common responsibility on the shoulders of each security man and citizen".Saleh ordered the concerned bodies to set up a mechanism to run the joint investment projects between the public and private sectors and to strengthen the partnership between them, indicating to the importance of creating a special strategy for investment and its priorities, During the meeting, President Saleh and Hadramout officials reviewed the performance progress of the executive offices and the means to promote level of the services presented to citizens, in addition to discussing the implementation of the under-construction development projects.Several issues concern the citizens in the province have been touched on in the meeting and the means to enhance security and stability in the province.AF/AF