President chairs GPC parliamentary bloc meeting

SANA'A, July 11 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh chaired on Sunday a meeting for the parliamentary bloc of the General People's Congress (GPC). The meeting discussed means of reinforcing coordination and integration between the government and the Parliament to translate the developmental plans and programs on the ground as well as finalizing procedures to discuss and ratify the legal legislations and activating the supervision role of the Parliament on the performance of the local authority. The talks also dealt with the reliable means to reinforce performance of the General People's Congress' parliamentary bloc to actively contribute to the parliamentary work with regard to the legislative and supervisory aspects. President Saleh affirmed the importance of strengthening coordination and cooperation aspects as well as integration between the government and the Parliament to serve the highest interests of the nation. He urged the government to abide by attendance to the Parliament to respond to questions raised by the MPs and clarify all related aspects to its performance and work. Saleh emphasized the significance of accelerating the discussion and ratification of draft laws and agreements presented to the Parliament to pour to the benefit of the interest of the country. "We already welcomed all the political forces in the national arena in spite of the majority of the ruling party of the GPC, but they chose to stay in the opposition to form the other face of the ruling system," Saleh said. As for the postponement of the parliamentary elections of April 2009, the president pointed out that the postponement of the elections was at the request of the opposition parties and based on February Agreement, calling all the political parties to abide by the February Agreement to ensure holding the parliamentary elections in its due date. He affirmed the importance of conducting a national serious dialogue to contribute to serving the country. The president re-welcomed partnership with the opposition in accordance with the law. AMAM