President delivers speech on Eid Al-Adha

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh has renewed the call for collaborating all national efforts in order to proceed with the national dialogue to make it reach its sought after national objectives in protecting the common interest and come out with clear solutions for all issues concerning the country within the constitution.

This came in his speech on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha in which he affirmed the importance of continuing efforts to hold the dialogue with the aim of discussing all issues of interest to the nation within the framework of the country's safety and stability, emphasizing that the Yemeni people are proud of their democratic Experience.

Saleh pointed out real interest to fulfill the democratic rights as stated by the law to be conducted in its due time as they are the rights of the Yemeni people, noting that the upcoming parliamentary elections will be held on time under free and transparent climates.

President Saleh dealt with consequences of extremism and terrorism Yemen suffered from as it affected its economy and development efforts, referring to the continuous efforts exerted by Yemen with the aim of combating these phenomena.

"On this occasion, we call on those misled people to revert from this unacceptable way and to stop shedding blood of Muslim and non-Muslim innocent people," Saleh said, asking them to repent and get back to the right way.

He reaffirmed that Yemen will never stop efforts to combat terrorism to eradicate it and will reinforce its partnership and active cooperation with the international community for this end away from any interference in its local affairs.

No leniency with any body trying to harm the country's stability and security or rebel against the law as Yemen is in a fierce war with all terror elements, Saleh said.

President Saleh expressed displeasure with procedures taken by some friend countries to ban air freight from Yemen, considering such procedures standing as a harming action to efforts of Yemen to combat terrorism, calling those countries to reconsider such procedures because this decision is a collective punishment against the Yemeni people.

He asserted that Yemen was not in any day the source of terrorism and that Yemen has been a victim of this phenomenon which threatens the international peace and safety.

"Therefore, collaboration of all efforts should be active worldwide to confront terrorism and eradicate it from the surface of Earth," Saleh pointed out.

President also talked about the current preparations to host the 20th Gulf Cup in Yemen, considering this sport event a chance to reinforce the strong brotherly ties between Yemen and the Gulf States and Iraq.