President: Govt to discuss floods disaster in Hadramout

SAYON, April 12 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Monday that the government in its meeting to be held in Sayon on Tuesday would discuss the main issues of the province , topped by the flood disaster and the reconstruction fund. In his speech during his meeting with the culture, literary, youth and women personages, unions, university students, representatives of civil society organizations in the districts of Hadramout valley and desert, President Saleh stressed the need to activate the fund under the supervision of the local authority. He said that the cabinet would discuss following-up of the inclusion of the remaining colleges in the Hadramout Valley after his directives for the establishment of the Valley University. "The Cabinet will dealt with some problems we listened to in here and there are some shortages in the roads and requirements of education, health and electricity that should be followed and discussed by the cabinet", President Saleh added. President Saleh expressed his confidence that the cabinet would bear its responsibilities, and each minister would bear the responsibilities of his office in the province, stressing that each minister has to follow up with the heads of the local authorities and the ministries' offices in the provinces. "In this field visit to the province I hope the local authority to follow with interest all our directives to the government", Saleh said. He pointed out that all provinces would be supported like Hadramout province, where citizens are kind and helpful and other provinces' citizens should follow their example in order to achieve security and stability. On another hand, President Saleh welcomed again businessmen to invest in Hadramout, especially the Yemeni expatriates residing in the neighboring countries. He agreed the idea that there should be branches of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) in the provinces, and he also agreed the opinion on the activation of the Central Organization for Control and Auditing (COCA) in the supervisory on the ministries' branches. President Saleh also urged the judiciary authority to implement all legal provisions and resolve all the issues without delay and to address the issues one by one quickly. BA Saba