President: If insurgents do not adhere to committee’s decisions, we will end up with military action

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh warned al-Houthis on Wednesday while answering a question by al-Wasat News Paper on insurgency in Sa’adah governorate by saying, “If insurgents do not adhere to decisions of the committee, observatory committee on agreement of ending insurgency, the country will choose military action to end insurgency. ” “There is a delay in ending the rebellion though we formed a presidential committee from all political forces for saving the Yemeni blood, and al-Houthi and his group have not responded to the formed committee.” He confirmed that Yemen’s unity is deep-rooted as mountains are and is preserved by the people’s willingness, and those who call for regionalism and separation are few and all people know them and their aims. As far as the latest demonstrations in some southern governorates are concerned, President said that these demonstrations were organized by loser elements trying to express themselves after 17 years of re-unification and that the issue of retirees is badly exploited by those who failed in the presidential an municipal elections. He referred the price hikes in foodstuffs to international reasons and that the government is working to restore the situation. He criticized opposition parties due to their attitudes of electing governors by refusing these elections after they asked for them. “Opposition parties were even against local councils while we are calling for them and for local governance since 1994 but when the matter has become serious, they abandoned this move and we insist on establishing it. ” In his response to a question on his viewpoint about forming new tribal entities to stand against corruption, the President said, “These entities are not up to the task and are paid from foreign sources.” Regarding Yemen’s efforts in combating terrorism, the President said combating terrorism arise from “our interest, conscience, security and stability, we are partners with international community in combating terrorism.” Saleh also commented on the Yemeni-Saudi relations, as well as the other Gulf states, saying that our relations with the GCC’s states are strong, deep-rooted and growing. MS/AM Saba