President inspects Military Engineering College's project

SANA'A, July 10 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Saturday an inspection visit to the project of Military Engineering Colleget. President Saleh toured in a number of buildings of the college, including the main building, electronic and mechanical laboratories, classrooms and the building of the college deanship and administration as well as five buildings for the accommodation of students. The total cost of the buildings and facilities amounted to more than YR 6.8 billion. While the laboratories and workshops of the college have been equipped with the best and advanced equipments with a total cost of over € 21 million. During his visit, President Saleh was briefed on the progress in the project's implementation and what has been done in the buildings, workshops, and laboratories and what is being implemented, in addition to the outputs of the college which would graduate engineers in various fields including electronics, mechanics ,aviation and air defense, marine vessels, as well as engineers in field of armors, artillery, vehicles and transport equipments. The period of study in the college will be five years by which the students obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering and military sciences. Saleh urged the preparation committee and the director of Military Works Department to expedite the implementation of the project in order to be opened as soon as possible, pointed out the important role to be played by the college to train engineers in several disciplines to meet the needs of different military engineering disciplines. He stressed the importance of academic attainment and to link the Military Engineering College's outputs to the needs and requirements of construction, modernization and development in the armed forces and security, so as to strengthen the defense and security capability of our country. BA Saba