President praises position of Razah citizens

SANA’A May 21 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh highlighted on Thursday the national position of citizens of Razah district in Saada governorate for supporting the state in protecting security and stability in the district from outlaw elements (rebels). President gave orders to finalize all projects adopted for the district within the development plan of Saada governorate. Sheikhs of the district announced their support for the state, political leadership represented by president Saleh, the military and security forces and Yemeni people to protect the republican revolution, the unification, security and stability of the nation. In their letter sent to the local council of the governorate, they also condemned all acts by rebels in the district against the military and security forces. They asked the rebels to come out from the district, confirming their rejection for any strife in the district. AH Saba