President receives loyalty document from Aden's youth

TAIZ, May 23 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Sunday a document of covenant and loyalty from Aden's youth.The document was handed over to President Saleh by the representatives of Yemen Women Union's branch in Aden and Future Generations Association of Youth participating in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Unification Day.In the document, the youth of Aden congratulated President Saleh on this occasion, noting to the achievements that have been made for the country under his leadership.They confirmed that the blessed unity has taken the Yemeni people out from darkness to light and put it on the way of success and future, so the unity was truly a great event that has gained respect and appreciation of the various peoples of the globe.Meanwhile, they reiterated their covenant and loyalty to the President, assuring that they would be loyal troops to protect the revolution and the unity and would be on his approach and path.President Saleh praised youth's enthusiasm and their sincere interaction for the homeland and its unity, affirming the state's interest in youth because they are the mainstay of change and the bet of future.BASaba