President receives participants in Arab authors meeting

SANA’A, Aug. 01(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Tuesday a participants in the meeting of the Arab Authors and Intellectuals Unionand Ibn Khaldon Symposium. In the meeting, president Saleh welcomed the participants, highlighting the results of the meeting of the union. He talked with them about thelatest Israeli violence against Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and the massacre of Qana in Lebanon. ” We have to open borders and ports for youths to go to fight Israel like what we did before against communism in Afghanistan. “Who is dangerous for us as Arabs, communism as a philosophy or Zionists that kill our children, women and old men in Palestine and Lebanon? He said that the authors have big role in educating rulers and peoples.”Westerns are not better than us, they were in case of wars and conflicts between each other, but we have one faith, one language, one history and one culture.” “We do not allow any one to categorize us as Shiite and Sunni, all of us are Muslim and the enemy targets all,” said Saleh. In the meeting, chairman of the union Ali Arsan expressed thanks for president Saleh for warm sponsorship for the union’s meeting and Ibn Khaldon symposium in Sana’a. He pointed out the weakness of the Arab nation at the current time and challenges surrounding it. “If there is no power to protect the peace,it will not be achieved,” he said. “We call to use all choices to protect Arab peoples and identity. We believe in role of the culture to create awareness among peoples, but there is blockade on the word imposed by rulers.” He praised the position of president Saleh which supports issues of the nation. “We are rejecting the idea of normalizing relations with the Zionist entity. And if this generation could not achieve victory for the Arab Ummah, wemust pave the way before the coming generation to do so,” said Arsan. AH/NS SABA