President receives religious scholars' statement


SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Friday a constellation of religious scholars who handed him over a statement over a number of issues and the latest developments in the local arena. The statement affirmed adherence of the religious scholars to the Yemeni unity and their refusal of any security violation, calling to preserve dialogue approach with all to address issues of concern to the nation. It pointed out to the blessed step represented by the Arab union project presented by Yemen in the Arab summit, held recently in Libya. The scholars also asserted stance by President Saleh in his efforts to realize this project which represents a start for achieving the Islamic union. They requested, in the statement, to apply and keep active the legal system based on the Islamic sharia, pointing out that the constitution states that the Islamic sharia is the source of all legislations. The statement emphasized the protection of education and fortifying youth with Islamic values while awakening nationalism in themselves, affirming the importance of supporting the Qur'anic schools. The scholars shed lights on the significance of protecting the Islamic belief and manners against any evil intentions. They also asked for treatment for the economic situations in order to alleviate sufferings of the people and find out a reliable economic and investment policy. Moreover, they requested to quickly refer those detained in prisons to the judicial systems to address their cases according to the sharia and law and take the required treatments for all cases concerning the country. President Saleh affirmed the role to be played by the Islamic scholars in raising awareness of people religiously to protect them from any misled thoughts, wishing them success in their mission to serve religion, country and the nation. AMAM