President receives Saudi investors

MUKALLA May 30 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Tuesday with delegation of the Saudi investors who are participating
in the meeting of the Yemeni-Saudi businessmen being held in Mukallah.
In the meeting, president Saleh welcomed the Saudi businessmen and investors in their second country, expressing his comfort for level
of Yemeni-Saudi relations between the two countries in various fields, especially after signing the Jeddah historical treaty for
drawing the joint borders between the two neighboring countries.
He confirmed sponsorship of the two countries’ leadership to enhance the partnership and develop ties to serve common cooperation between the two countries.
He pointed out to support that offered for Saudi investors and businessmen Saudi King, Custodian of the two holly mosques Abdullah
bin Abdul Azizand his Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz for encouraging them to invest in Yemen.
President Saleh renewed his welcome the Saudi investments in Yemen, underling that these investments would be granted all sponsorship and facilities for serve the common interests between the two brotherly countries. He pointed out that he would discuss with the officials of
the two countries setting up a free zone between the two countries in al-Wadiah district to be a bridge for exchanging benefits between
the two countries. He expressed hope that the meetings of the Yemeni-Saudi businessmen council being held in Mukalla more success
to achieve the common ambitions of the both countries.
The Saudi businessmen’s delegation expressed happiness to visit Yemen and participate in meetings of the Yemeni-Saudi businessmen council, greatly highlighting level of Yemeni-Saudi relations.
They also expressed their desire to invest in Yemen through setting up the common projects with their Yemeni counterparts for enhancing
the partnership and achieving the common interests of the two brotherly countries.