President renews acceptation of GCC mediation

SANA’A, April 28 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh has renewed the acceptation of the Gulf Cooperation Council mediation to resolve the crisis in Yemen, pointing out that the government will sign a Gulf initiative in order to avoid the bloodshed and end the chaos and protesters that had paralyzed development and worried citizens. "The GCC initiative must be implemented in whole, according to its terms and priorities", President Saleh said in an interview aired on Thursday by the Russia Today TV. "We have accepted this initiative in order to avoid bloodshed and return the Yemeni political and economic situation to normal", he added. "I will stay the political head of the General People Congress", he said. He accused Qatar of being involved in a plot of financing and communicating constantly with the opposition. "Qatar is now financing the chaos in Yemen, Egypt and Syria and in every Arab country", Saleh said, adding "We will not sign the Gulf initiative if a representative of Qatar attended the meeting of foreign ministers of the GCC". YA Saba