President Saleh calls students to practice democracy

SANA’A,(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressed on Saturday students in all Yemeni schools on the occasion of electing student committees for the first time in Yemen. Prime Minister Abdul-Qader Ba-Jammal read the president’s speech through Sana’a Radio at 07:30 am, the time of the school day. The speech focused on the importance of this democratic occasion to dedicate democratic conduct in students’ minds. President Saleh said ” I am so happy to address you in this morning as you practice the first course of democracy. You should enjoy wonderful freedom and choose heads for student committees under the first experience of its kind in the Arab area.” The government insert new education curriculums to learn the students their rights of choice, learning the rules and essentials of free national to build the people’s identities, President said. Democracy cannot be applied by words, but it should be practically practiced. We should not continue to depend upon others to learn how to practice democracy to keep our identity and add something new our democratic experience, Saleh added. JW/NS SABA