President Saleh chairs NDC meeting

SANA’A, April 04 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh has chaired a meeting of the National Defense Council (NDC) to discuss many issues and topics related to the process of modernization of defense and security capacities of the country. In the meeting, deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs Rashad al-Alimi presented a report on the function of the national committees overseeing the implementation of the six points in the north-western war-affected region of Saada province and Harf Sufyan district of Amran province. The report included the points which have not been applied by the Houthis so far, including the destruction of mines, the end of banditry on the roads, the delivery of their captives of soldiers and civilians and the delivery of looted weapons and equipment in addition to refraining from interfering with the affairs of the local authority and not to object to the return of displaced people to their villages and homes. The NDC confirmed the necessary of the Houthis’ commitment to apply completely the six points set by the government to end the six-year war in the far north between government troops and the Houthis. The council also received reports from the two Defense and Interior Ministers and the Chief of General Staff on a number of military and security issues in the country. It emphasized on the importance of continuing efforts to strengthen security, stability and peace in Saada for development and reconstruction. YA Saba