President Saleh: Doha deal to end rebellion in Saada re-activated

SANA'A, July 13 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced on Tuesday re-activation of five points of the Doha deal to end the rebellion and achieve peace in the Saada with adding one more point related to Yemen and Saudi Arabia from side and Houthis from other side.In a press statement to reporters after holding talks with the Emir of Qatar, president Saleh affirmed concern of Yemen to bring peace and security into Saada, pointing out to the continuing efforts by the six point supervision committees to deal with breaches happened from time to time between the pro-government citizens and pro-Houthis groups.He said that there is a progress in implementing the six points, affirming concern of the government to avoid a new war.He welcomed the visit of Qatar Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to Yemen, considering it as a positive step to serve the brotherly relations of the two nations.He also welcomed the Qatari and Gulf investments in Yemen.President Saleh confirmed that Yemen would host the 20th Gulf Football Competition on time.For his part, the Emir of Qatar affirmed Qatar's position to support the unity and stability of Yemen, pointing out the efforts exerted by president Saleh to protect the unity of Yemen.Asked about efforts of Qatar to help Yemen, the Emir Qatar expressed his country's readiness to offer any support to find out solutions for preserving the security, stability and unity of Yemen.AH