President Saleh hails Yemenis resilience against terrorist elements

RIYADH, July 7 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared on television Thursday for the first time since he and senior officials were wounded in an attack on the Presidential Palace a month ago. President Saleh delivered his televised speech to the Yemeni people as he is recovering in a military hospital in the Saudi capital Riyadh. President Saleh began by hailing the Yemeni people's resilience against the terrorist elements, adding that "the Yemeni people will face all the challenges which threaten their stability, security, freedom, and democracy." The President said that many people "misunderstood democracy through their wrong practices," adding: "We welcome partnership within the framework of the constitution and the law. We welcome partnership on democratic basis." He also stressed the importance that "all the political parties reconsider their stances in a responsible manner, away from flatteries," underlining the importance of dialogue in order to reach "satisfactory solutions." Saleh expressed gratitude for Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz and Saudi Arabia for warmly receiving him and taking care of him. The President went on to say: "I have undergone more than eight successful surgeries, for the burns I got as a result of the attack." He finally expressed his gratitude for the Yemeni military institution and the Yemeni people for standing by the constitutional legitimacy. YA Saba