President Saleh puts foundation stone for projects in Abyan

ABYAN,(Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Monday an inspection visit to Abyan.

During the visit, Saleh and senior officials laid down the foundation stones for many projects.

He laid down the foundation stone for cotton ginnery of Abyan with a total cost of YR 260 million financed by the Agricultural Development Fund and the Public Institution for Textile and Weaving.

He also opened more 31 projects in areas including agriculture, telecommunications, post, public works, roads, electricity, water and sanitation, youth and sport with a total cost YR 2 billions and 107 million.

Saleh also put the foundation stones for more than 48 projects with a total cost of YR 2 billions and 557 millions including 6 projects for
telecommunications and post, 13 projects in education filed, 4 for public works and roads, 7 for water and sanitations, 4 in rural water and one
project for Yemeni Women Union.