President Saleh: September 20 is a great democratic wedding

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh greeted Thursday the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 20th September, the first anniversary of the presidential and local elections in the country, considering it a great democratic wedding. In a statement to Saba, President Saleh expressed regards for the nation on the first anniversary of the presidential and local elections, adding that this day will be a new point in the history of the Yemeni democratic experience. He said that the world acknowledged that elections were fair and competition was real between General Peoples Congress and parties of the Joint Meeting Party as well as other parties and independents. President affirmed that democracy is the only choice for Yemenis and is based on multiparty, freedom, popular and women participation, respect of human rights and peaceful power transfer. “We repeat many times, we will correct mistakes of democracy by further democracy,” he said, calling on all to practise democracy to build up the country and spread values of dialogue and brotherhood and reject all forms of secession, reluctance, fanaticism in order to serve higher national interests. “Dialogue would continue to be the base for tackling all issues facing the society, not via posing arguments through media outlets.” He renewed his confirmation that the government would go ahead to carry out his electoral platform to realize development and further reforms in different fields. AH/AM Saba