President Saleh visits Meedi of Hajjah

MEEDI- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid a visit to Meedi of Hajjah on Thursday where he was received by the Chairman of the Local Council Abdul-Majeed Abdullah and senior other local council officials and a big crowd of citizens. President Saleh inspected the situations of the people of Meedi and asked the local council to assist fisherpersons there by providing them with modern fishing tools in order to help them raise their production. The citizens welcomed strongly the leader of the nation to their district who came to inspect their situations. President Saleh was briefed by the members of the local council officials about the performance of the council in providing services to the citizens. After that President Saleh visited Meedi seaport 60% of which has recently been accomplished where he ordered the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Transports and the Ministry of Fishery Wealth to work together to entirely accomplish the port as soon as possible. President Saleh was accompanied in this visit by senior state officials including the Chairman of the Shura Council, Abdul-Azeez Abdul-Ghani and Minister of State, Abdullah Hussein Al-Basheeri.