President: Stability of Rial exchange improves under new measures

SANA'A, August 04 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh affirmed that the price of the Yemeni Rial against foreign currencies has witnessed remarkable improvement since yesterday under the latest strict measures taken by the government to stop playing with exchange prices. In a statement to Al-Arabia Channel, President Saleh made it clear that he issued his directives to the government boost the price of rial and the prices of foodstuff in addition to deter those who speculates with money. He pointed out that the unrest of prices of rial against foreign currencies took place during the past two weeks was because of psychological reasons as no thing new occurred in the country to justify the deterioration of the price of the rial. He indicated that there were hidden hands behind playing with the currency's prices. These hands have unknown aims and agendas in the country whether they were banks or exchange stores. He stressed that the economic situation in the country is stable and there is no thing to worry about." Even there is drop of oil prices and production, the government took yesterday a number of measures and reforms to fix this gap by searching new alternatives to support the country's budget." Over relation between the political situation and the start of the national dialogue, the president said:" this is what brothers in the opposition think, they are playing with words and we did not expect that this thing would come from them as we see them national personalities." He added the national dialogue was expected to start today (Wednesday) but there were differences inside the Joint Meeting parties and their partners. Some of them withdraw and others accept the dialogue and this means that there is no agreement between them. Over situations in Sa'ada, Saleh affirmed that his intention is peace and enhancing security and stability in the governorate as well as curing the effects of war and sabotage acts created by Hothis. Saba