President: State's option is peace, reconstruction of war damage

SANA'A, May 02 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh reiterated on Sunday that the option of the state is peace and the reconstruction of war damage in Saada province. President Saleh pointed to the need for the al-Houthi elements' commitment to the implementation of the remaining six points, including the return of citizens and displaced persons to their villages and their homes safely and accelerating the reconstruction efforts. This came in the President's speech during his meeting with leaders and members of the popular groups who supported the armed forces during the military operations in the province of Saada and Sofian district. In the meeting, President Saleh expressed his thanks and appreciation for the popular groups' positions and sacrifices for the sake of duty and their standing by their brothers in the armed forces and security to maintain security and stability and public order and to face the elements of sedition and rebellion in Saada. He emphasized that all those who have made their national duty would receive all care by the state for their sacrifices, in the forefront of them are the martyrs, the wounded and the disabled. They would be treated like their brothers in the armed forces and security, and those others, who fought, would be enrolled within the armed forces and security in accordance with the terms of military service, President Saleh added. "The country needs the efforts of all its sons and it will be faithful to all loyal people who sacrifice for it", President Saleh said. He praised the heroic sacrifices made by the public groups to support the army in performing the national duty in Saada and Sofian. BA Saba