President: there are foreign agendas against Yemen


SANA'A, Feb. 19 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Saturday the founding conference of Civil Society Organizations where he delivered a speech in which he expressed hope that the conference will come up with active decisions and recommendations serving the nation under the current unstable situation. President Saleh indicated that "we do not want to copy others but we shall define what we want." There are foreign agendas and there is a plot against Yemen and its security and stability, he said. Saleh pointed out that "every body has the right to express his views peacefully and has the right to have a say through media as there are many democratic means for the expression of opinion." He criticized what happened in Aden in the past two days which goes against the law, wondering if this is goes in line with democracy! Whoever wants power shall then come with us to the ballot boxes and the Yemeni people will face destruction and outlaw elements, president said. He wished the conference all success to come out with constructive recommendations and decisions. AMAM